Blackhawk Group, LLC was founded upon the knowledge that we,

As a collective group of individuals, possess the ability to offer an unparalleled customer support service combined with top-level classroom installations and equipment servicing. We have years’ worth of experience in this field; experience that is unmatched by competitors anywhere. Over our time employed in the general technology field, we came to see that the way customers are treated and the level of work being performed by most in this industry is substandard. We know we can do better in every single facet of this industry and this is exactly why we are offering our services.

Our goals are to ensure that you are treated with the upmost respect and dignity. We know of the issues you encounter with installed products and the installations you need must be finished in a timely fashion. We know of the budgetary constraints many schools and businesses face when reviewing their options as it pertains to technology. We offer the most affordable pricing, well below industry standard, combined with top-notch service.

When dealing with Blackhawk Group, LLC, there are no layers or buffers to pass through when business needs to be discussed. At Blackhawk Group, LLC, we are available to you at your convenience. We promise the customer experience you deserve will be carried out by all members of Blackhawk Group, LLC.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Our Partners:

Blackhawk Group recognizes our invaluable partnerships as a vital key in providing unlimited interactive technology solutions in both the education and business sectors nationwide.